Meet the Founder

It was back in 2006 when I found myself empty, unhappy, unhealthy and depressed. It was a year that changed my life moving forward. It was the year I became a single mom. The best decision I ever made, but yet the hardest. Having to raise my children on my own, one thing I struggled with was “How am I going to raise my children on my own without any help financially?” As the years went on I cried out to God and quickly remembered that God loves me and that He is my source. I knew only what to do which was to pray, read my word, worship and start thanking God for the situation that I’m in and where I’m headed. I started to overcome the brokenness I lived and slowly regained my joy. 

As I continued to cry out to God throughout the years and in my quiet times, he knew exactly what I needed. I was introduced to a Financial company in 2008. I was privileged to be the first here in Kona and to help grow and establish this company throughout the state and Las Vegas. I made a promise to God that every check I received, I would Tithe my 10%. So I did. Every week there after, my checks increased and I was able to grow my business and help more families. The more I tithed, the more my finances increased, the more I was able to be a blessing and be blessed. I went from making minimum to 6 figures in a year. I was able to payoff my first car in 6 months and give it away. In 2009, I purchased my BMW, paid it off and put a down payment on my first home in Las Vegas. My home was on track to payoff in 5-7 years vs 30 years. I was in heaven being a single mom and learning how to pay down my mortgage in less then half the time. The education I gained was unbelievable. Something I could pass down to my children. At that time I had a vision to own multiple homes and just leverage the banks. I’ll leave it right here. 

As I started to go through my house process and my home was half way built, I had a wild idea to stop tithing. WRONG MOVE! My income started decreasing and my life wasn’t fulfilling. As the year went by, I felt myself in a place of complacent and unhappy again. What I once loved doing, wasn’t working out. After the first month of being in my home, I turned on my computer and live streamed The Church LV. I needed God more then ever. I literally had my first real encounter with God. I’ve always known God and knew I could cry out to Him, but never had a true relationship until this very moment. So as months went by things started happening in my life. Things were going downhill. My mom had a heart attack and I almost got robbed in Vegas. My time with the company I was with was coming to an end. Those were signs for me to move home. I knew God was doing something but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I told myself the only way I would move home and give up everything is if Word of Life opens a church in Kona. 

In July of 2012, I decided to pack up and move home. That same week, the company I helped to established and I parted ways. Broken again cause everything I built was about to fall apart. I went from making 6 figures to now zero. But then I had this crazy idea, “Why not me? Why not be the CEO of my own company? It’s super easy, I pretty much helped to build!” However, I chose to be in right standing and honor my contract. Here’s the thing too, I was prideful! Everything was my idol, my home, my BMW, money, etc. I knew God had to break me down to build me back up again so I gave away my BMW and I claimed bankruptcy. The hardest thing for me to do, but I was free from things holding me back and God became Lord of my life.

The same week I moved home, guess what happened? Word of Life started having meetings in Kona. I was so happy and knew there was a purpose here. This was Gods plan all along. God brought me back home to help establish Word of Life Kona. So I attended meetings and was so hungry for the word. I immediately started tithing whatever I had and serving anywhere I could. Healing started taking place emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually from being broken all these years. I started using my gifts to help in any and every department I could. One year later, Word of Life Kona was born! I served God with all of my heart and the people here in Kona for 4 years. I helped to oversee a few departments and became a Life Group leader. Up till 2 am at times doing all the behind to the scenes work to prepare for service the next morning was something I enjoyed and loved doing. This is a place where I started developing more skills and my gifts started to develop that I didn’t know I had. 

After years of serving and being a Martha, it was time to be a Mary. Something was missing again. So I started raising up leaders under me to take on my duties at church. Thank you Jesus, he placed the right people in my life at the right time. God divine appointments! As time went on, I felt a disconnect with God. I searched and realized I was missing prayer in my life. Not corporate prayer, but 1 on 1 prayer with God. So I searched and searched everywhere and there was one message that hit me so hard and brought revelation. It was exactly what I needed to hear on prayer. I was really excited to hear this message and shared it with a few people close to me and from there, our little prayer group started. I quickly knew my time at Word of Life Kona was coming to an end and I chose to step down from leadership because I didn’t want to bring division and I knew God was about to take me to another level in my life and business desire. I’m so grateful for the time I had there and served. I will always love my pastors and leaders.

So prayer took place, at 5am every morning and we called it “Hour of Power”. The most POWERFUL hour I ever experienced. Talk about Holy Spirit have your way, come like a flood, hours in prayer, minutes in ministry. Unbelievable! The first week, well actually day I went to prayer was the first time I literally felt God move in my life like how He did. I had learned that the Purpose and Power of Prayer is Earthly Licenses for Heavenly Interference. When I got a hold of that, my mindset and my prayer life had changed. I don’t need to spend a long time in prayer, it’s in my meditation time. I learned to pray for 10 min and mediate for 60 min. Yes, that’s a long time, but it works! God began to answer my prayers immediately. As I continued to Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything I prayed for God began to manifest. He began to show me things I couldn’t see before. He began to break the walls down and open my heart to love again. I even began praying for a husband and being very specific on who I want and what I want. This is a miracle because I refused to let anyone near me or touch me due to the abuse I experienced. Basically, God wants us to have heaven on earth and not wait till we go to heaven.

During Hour of Power time, God began to place Vision in my heart, Vision for my life and to remind me that my Gift will make room for me and bring me before great men. - Proverbs 18:16. As I look back at my life since 2006, every 4 years God did a new thing. The first 4 was to help establish a Financial Company, the next 4 was to build a Church and here I am in my next season in my life, Founder/CEO of my own company, Prosperity Life Co., LLC. Destiny Clues! I had to help establish and serve all these years before God could give me this Big Idea of owning my own company. God was preparing me all along for such a time as this! Even when people I loved didn’t see it I had to keep striving and go at it alone. I recognize that I have a gift in helping to build companies & finances. I recently became a Certified Financial Educational Instructor which side by side birthed my first of many products, Prosperity Financial Planner™. 

So here I am in my new season in my life, the Founder/CEO of Prosperity Life Co., LLC. A vision God gave me 5 years ago, but I kept quiet about. I didn’t understand what was happening back then, but now I do. Manifestation took place! It was in my prayer time and meditation which birthed my company. I chose Prosperity because that was the path I was on and will continue to be. Above all things God wants you to Prosper… - 3 John 2. You are above and not beneath, the head and not the tail, lender and not borrower is what I continue to stand on. My vision for my company is huge and we’re just getting started. Life Coaching, Financial Coaching, Vision Coaching and more products being created.

Prosperity Life Co. Was founded in 2017, in Hawaii. We are a brand that gives people the opportunity to prosper in life, specifically in finances. Our mission is to reach many single moms, individuals and families. Our desire is the transform their mindset, and their financial situation by teaching them to Plan, Organize, Budget, and Manage well their finances.

Get your Prosperity Financial Planner™ here and start Planning your life out, Organize your finances, Budget your money and Manage it well because above all things God wants you to prosper in life. Go after your vision, dreams and goals.