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As I look back on my journey in life, I am very humbled with where I am today. Striving to be a great single parent to provide for my boys is priority and it took a lot of perseverance through the years.

I can remember being twenty-seven years old with two boys and a failed relationship. I was done! These days became a lifestyle, an expectation of not knowing how to be strong enough to get out and ask my family for help. I was trapped in a abusive relationship, which would get worse over the course of the next seven years. Each passing year I hoped that if my partner was willing to change, my desire for my boys to have their father present in their life was more important to me than my safety and my health.

Living in fear and depression with constant strife in our household was unhealthy for myself and my boys. As my oldest was turning three he developed a skin disorder which was diagnosed as Vitiligo. The abuse he witnessed me go through was to traumatic for him and his stress manifested through his body.

I had lost myself in this relationship and could not love myself, therefore I was ashamed. Vitiligo had consumed my identity, and I could no longer recognize the once strong minded lady with the ability to have a dream. This was my reality.

An urgency of survival gave me strength to leave the relationship and move home with my parents. My family was willing to help provide a safe place for my boys and I so we could start to heal and move forward. Everyday was a challenge and accepting being a single parent was not what I imagined for my life. Single life was depressing and lonely. Adjusting to provide financially for myself and boys was difficult. Even maintaining monthly bills and accumulated debt was not something that I could achieve on my own.

A new season with great opportunity was an answered prayer for me. After many days and nights of crying to God for help, He gave me the chance to grow and build a company here in Hawaii and in Las Vegas. The success helped me get out of my current debt, and I was now able to provide for my boys and I. I was financially comfortable with my six figure income. I paid off my first car and gave it away. I then purched my dream car, and I was able to purchase my first home in Las Vegas.

An overwhelming feeling of joy and peace within myself helped me heal and life got easier and brighter with strength knowing I was a single mom. I knew then that life was going to be alright and we were survivors of our past.

Along the way after several years of my success, due to personal circumstances and choices that I needed to make, I left the company and my income dropped. I filed for bankruptcy and gave up everything.

Busted and disgusted, with no income and no possessions which I valued and was of significance to me was gone. I was broke. I hit rock bottom and found myself seeking assistance to help transition as I start to search for my MORE in life. I was stripped from my pride and it taught me to be humble. I am grateful for the group of leaders and mentors that I surrounded myself with for the next four years to help me heal from the pain of my past. They encouraged me to endure and persevere through this season as I build my relationship with God.

Because I was so broken it was a journey to discover myself again. I was able to discover gifts in me and develop and learn new skill sets. I made prayer a priority because it empowered me daily to have faith and hope for a better life and a change in my current circumstances. 

My vision from God kept me awake and with sleepless nights, plans for a brand and company was etched in my heart. I let the distractions of life stopping me from moving forward with the vision. As the months passed finances and a previous new business was not lining up with my desires. 

The decision to get focused on my vision and begin the process of creating the future of my company was my motivation for staying steady and giving all my trust to God to provide the provision.

As Founder and CEO of my company Prosperity Life Co. and years of experience and knowledge, I get to utilize my gifts and help improve the finances of individuals and families. I created a product Prosperity Financial Planner™ as a practical tool to help others achieve the financial success and prosperity God desires for them. 

Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually]. 3 John 2 AMP

I believe “Prosperity Life” is a path that we created to live in our lifetime. As we begin to learn how to manage our life, relationships, health, and finances we are then able to prosper.

Prosperity Life Co. is a brand that gives people the opportunity to prosper in life, specifically in finances. Our Mission is to reach many single moms, individuals, and families, to help them transform their mindset and financial situation by teaching them to Plan, Organize, Budget and Manage their finances.

I am Shanelle Delaries. I have healed in my past relationship and have made better choices for my health and finances by becoming a better manger, now I prosper in life. I am excited that I get to help you as you go after your vision, dreams, and goals to help you prosper in your own life.


Shanelle Delaries


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