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Hi, I'm Shanelle and this is my story!

As I look back on my journey in life, I am very humbled with where I am today. Striving to be a great single parent to provide for my boys is priority and it took a lot of perseverance through the years.

I can remember being twenty-seven years old with two boys and a failed relationship. I was done! These days became a lifestyle, an expectation of not knowing how to be strong enough to get out and ask my family for help. I was trapped in a abusive relationship, which would get worst over the course of the next seven years. Each passing year I had the hope that if my partner was willing to change, my desire for my boys to have their father present in their life was more important to me then my safety and my health.

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In 2017, Prosperity Life Co. was founded in Hawaii. We are a Brand that gives people the opportunity to prosper in life, specifically in finances. Birthed through prayer and based on the Word of God, God gave our founder, Shanelle the vision for Prosperity Financial Planner™.

Our mission is to reach many single moms, individuals and families. Our desire is to help transform their mindset and their financial situation by teaching them to Plan, Organize, Budget and Manage well their finances.